Simple Ways to Keep Your Workspace Organized and Clutter-Free


Clutter builds up over time. You might be surprised with the amount of unnecessary things that accumulate if you let a week or a month go by without organizing your workspace. The more mess you have to clean up later on, the more cumbersome it becomes. For this reason, it is best to deal with it as quickly and as often s you can. You can do this by taking a few minutes each day or every week to organize your desk and get rid of things that do not serve any purpose on your work. Here are some of the simple ways you can keep your work area organized and clutter-free.

Go paperless. Take a leaf off the environment-friendly people’s playbook. Aim for a paperless workspace. Use your computer and other suitable software applications for note-taking and other tasks that usually involve the use of paper. Reuse old papers for printing or writing ideas down. This can help reduce the amount of clutter you accumulate over time.

Stick to the essentials. Put only the essentials on your desk to avoid cluttering it. Keep the surface clean by clearing away unfiled documents, pens, and other office knick-knacks strewn on top. Find a place for everything. Have a separate container for pens, paper clips, and other tools you may need for work.

Create a decluttering routine. A great way to keep things organized is to make decluttering a habit. Devote at least a few minutes of your time each day to organize your desk. You can do this before the start or at the end of your work day.

Clean as you go. If you are too busy to put things back to their designated places during your work day, try practicing a clean as you go policy. Return paperwork in their respective folders or trays and put all other items you used in their proper places. Make sure that you leave your desk or workspace as clean and neat as you found it before you started working.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff. Make an inventory of items and documents that you still keep. Be ruthless in cutting down the amount of stuff you keep. Make a rule to get rid of the items that have not been useful for some time. If you did not find any use for them for several months, it may be time get rid of them.

Sort and label. Sort whatever paperwork you may still have if you have not gone completely paperless. Organize and label them to make it easier for you to find them if needed. Shred or throw away paperwork that you no longer need. File the still active paperwork where you can easily find them while put the completed documents in a separate folder or box for storage.

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