Sustainable Gardening

Live simply by tending to your own sustainable garden! Be part of the movement to keep our planet a sustainable one for the next generations. Gardening has a lot of physical and mental benefits for the gardener, and it also promotes a healthier, simpler lifestyle. Today, we’ll give you the most useful tips we’ve gathered to help you practice sustainable gardening. Saving water Oscillating sprinklers aren’t always beneficial. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation instead. Place watering devices properly to prevent loss of water. To keep the soil moist, mulch your garden beds. [Keep Reading...]

5 TED Talks on Living with Less and Sustainable Lifestyle That Will Inspire You

Living with less may seem like a simple and easy thing to do. But wait until you start downsizing and realize that it could get tough in the beginning. Taking the minimalist road will push you to break through your comfort zone. It means making changes that may disrupt your life for a certain period of time. It takes some getting used to. And it may even take time for things to get easier. If you are thinking of pursuing simplicity and living with less, here are some of the best TED Talks from people who have lived through the experience by embracing the simple life. Adam Baker: Sell your [Keep Reading...]