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The country's first market PEM largest 6MW wind power hydrogen application project, start!

2022-11-11 14:14:00

?On November 11, the launch ceremony of the country's first 6MW PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production project was held in Shandong Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy Co., LTD. This set of system adopts the domestic leading PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production technology and is sent to Inner Mongolia.

Chairman Zou Fangming, Secretary Wang Shourong, Director Xing Wei, General manager Li Jiexian, Deputy general manager Ding Xiaotao, Director of Hydrogen Energy Company attended and witnessed the delivery ceremony.

風電制氫應用項目封面.pngThis project is the largest local consumption project of wind power hydrogen production created by Jinqilin New Energy Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia. This project uses wind power generation combined with PEM pure water hydrogen production technology to produce hydrogen, which is supplied to local chemical enterprises for consumption through high-pressure gaseous transport. The first commercial hydrogen system for hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and use has been realized. It is a milestone in promoting the development of hydrogen energy under the goal of "dual carbon".


The PEM pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment used in the project is a domestically produced hydrogen production equipment independently developed and produced by Shandong Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy Co., LTD. With a wide power regulation range, large-scale hydrogen production and highly integrated control system, the equipment is perfectly coupled with the wind power resources in Inner Mongolia. Let the owner unit wind power be absorbed, combined with the back-end chemical production, so that the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy can be commercialized. It has important demonstration significance for accelerating the construction of the whole industrial chain system of hydrogen energy "production, storage and use", exploring and innovating hydrogen energy utilization models, and promoting the implementation of clean energy transformation.


At the delivery ceremony, Zou Fangming, chairman of the group, affirmed and thanked the hard work of the project team, and said that Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy will continue to maintain close communication and tacit cooperation with Jinqilin New Energy Co., LTD., and complete the follow-up project installation and commissioning services on time and quality to ensure the smooth completion of the project.

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is complicated, and Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy has set up a special technical support team in order to better meet the individual needs of customers while effectively doing epidemic prevention and control work. We control the whole process from site investigation, scheme design, manufacturing, product testing, logistics and transportation, and ensure the timely delivery of products with our professional technology, efficient production and thoughtful service.

Saikesaisi?Hydrogen Energy focuses on the research of renewable energy electrolytic water hydrogen production technology, and has mastered PEM hydrogen production technology, and has been applied in renewable energy hydrogen production projects across the country. In the future, Cyxex Hydrogen Energy will continue to increase investment in research and development, continue to create value for customers, and drive the green hydrogen industry to flourish with technology.