5 Simple Habits To Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Give your time to ease into wakefulness
Tip: Set the alarm earlier and give yourself time to prepare for the day slowly instead of rushing about

Plan your day
Tip: Create a to-do list that focuses more on your priorities and the more important things. This should serve as your guide for the day and minimize or eliminate unnecessary distractions

Keep your space clutter-free
Tip: Organize your stuff regularly. Avoid clutter build-up by keeping your workspace and surroundings at home neat and clean.

Do and finish one thing at a time
Tip: Work on the hardest or most important tasks during your peak times then work your way down to your to-do list. Complete one thing first before moving on to the next task.

Tip: Pay attention to your breathing. Practice calming breathing exercises. Breathe conciously and deeply, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.